Preparing for Destiny-FMI Feeding Programs

Early in the mornings the wood must be chopped, the fires started, all the food mixed and chopped... then the cooking... then loading the big pots up into our 'covered wagon' and off we go to teach and feed the children in the surrounding squatter areas.... Please continue to pray for all the workers who are so faithful in this work of love to the kids.  

— with Natalie Claire Grubbs andEmellee Mitzu Grubbs at FMI Asia-Pacific Mission Center.

FMI Feeding and Nutrition Programs

Construction Almost Finished!

Destiny-FMI Mission Center - Tagaytay City, Cavite Philippines


FMI-Destiny Building of Headquarters in Tagaytay

Building the New FMI Global - Destiny Center in Tagaytay!

Summer Youth Camp 2013

Over 100 children received a wrapped gift this Christmas 2012. It is our mission that each KWAVE child will recieve a gift this Christmas. Thanks to all the volunteers and workers who helped make the gift giving experience a memorable one and thanks to all of our supporters for giving to our mission work in 2012. May your resources keep on overflowing to others! God bless you all!

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FMI-Destiny Outreach  by the Youth (Y-WAVE) at the local jail.... the prisoners were very emotional and thankful to receive the food the youth brought as well as a message of good news and song. — with Jhonpaul Camu Agapan, Ivy Janine Baraclan, TihpEn Caballero, Adrian Quiñones, Rose Ann Vales, Marigold Pagente, RheLz AngeLes,Roche Fababair, Danica Dasco Faustino, Rinalyn Tolosa, Mt Zion B, Jaymart Onate, Nashville Cristi Tolentino Salazar and Dhel Angeles Vasquez inTagaytay City, Tagaytay.

FMI-DESTINY Relief Operations Continue...

Watch FMI Aid Relief Operation Team Batch 2 distribute donations to flood victims of Paete, Laguna. Maybe the flood is no longer the buzz of the media but it doesn't mean we stop helping too. In fact, we found out that there are still places suffering from the flood. We do our best to help those in need and we thank God and you for enabling us to do just that.

REPORT: The FMI Aid Relief Operations Batch 2 was a great success. We saw with our very own eyes the current living conditions of the flood victims (as seen in this video). They really needed our help. Rhea & Thad French (in-charge of this mission), picked up donations from different schools and places in Tagaytay. FMI Tagaytay Fellowship members continue to support our efforts and brought their donations to the mission center. We packed 250 grocery bags. 

The FMI Aid Relief Operations team was made up of 12 volunteers. We arrived at the Paete Science Business College before midday on September 8. Our contact pastor said that the people arrived much earlier. After sharing the "Good News" we distributed the goods. Despite the very hot weather, we felt tremendously blessed to be part of this cause. The people expressed their heartfelt gratitude towards the team. They said that this kind of help extended to them means a lot especially during this hard times. Some ray of hope was restored and brought about smiles on their faces. We also blessed the pastors from 7 different churches who helped and partnered with us in this effort. They prepared lunch for us too and prayed for our team.

On our way back to base, we first drove around the town of Paete to see the areas where the flood victims live. Unfortunately, a lot of them are still under the water. There is little hope that the water would dry out sooner because the flood was an overflow of the water from Laguna de Bay. 

We really praise God for using FMI to help the people affected by calamities and to bless them with spiritual and material needs. We want to thank everyone who stand with us and believe with us that our faith is better demonstrated by doing what Jesus did... LOVE IN ACTION.
Matthew 25:34-36 "Then the King will say to those on His right hand, ‘Come, you blessed of My Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world: for I was hungry and you gave Me food; I was thirsty and you gave Me drink; I was a stranger and you took Me in; I was naked and you clothed Me; I was sick and you visited Me; I was in prison and you came to Me.’

Please continue to pray for the pastors in Paete, Laguna:
Christ the Living God Fell. - Ptr. June Velasco
Door of Faith Church - Ptr. Arnil Luteno
New Testament Baptist Church - Ptr. Ton Balanon 
Blessed Family Christian Church - Ptr. Litho Acupan
Redeemed Christian Church of God - Ptr. Perlinda Villaflor
Jesus Wonderful Lord Fell. - Ptra. Sally Madrigal
UCCP - United Christian Churches of the Phil.

Please pray for our Core AidRO Team and volunteers as they prepare for Batch 3 in October.
Rhea & Thad French (Missions Coordinators)
Beth Legeza
Pastora Sion Bola
Sis. Flor


Relief Operations happening right now!!!!  More updates to follow...

Please pray for our Aid Relief Operations Team Batch 2 who is on their way to Paete, Laguna today to give out groceries for the people affected by the flooding. We are working through a local church there as our distribution center. Many families will benefit from this effort. Thank God for giving us this opportunity to help. We will continue with the flood relief effort until October. God has miraculously enabled us to carry out this deed. Thank you, Jesus! And we thank everyone for your continued support through prayers. We love you all!

They just finished sharing the "Good News" to the families. They are now giving out the 250 packs of groceries to the families. They held the distribution in the school located on a higher ground. My Mom said the people looked like they could really use the relief goods.

Brief background of this low lying town along the water:

The town, pronounced Pī-té, is located at the northeastern part of Laguna, along the shores of Laguna de Bay. It was founded in 1580 by Spanish friars Juan de Plasencia and Diego de Oropesa of the Franciscan Order. It is believed that the earliest inhabitants were of Malay lineage, coming all the way from Borneo in their swift and sturdy boats called "Balangay".

The town has had a long reputation for its craftsmen highly skilled in wood carving and its embellishment. In 1887, José Rizal described Paete as a town where "carpenter shops" were issuing images "even those more rudely carved" (chapter VI, Noli Me Tangere). Even now, its inhabitants (called Paeteños or Paetenians) continue with their centuries-old tradition in carving and painting. Its statues, pulpits, murals and bas relief are found in churches, palaces and museums all over the world, including the St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York, the Mission Dolorosa in San Francisco, the San Cayetano Church in Mexico, the St. Joseph's shrine in Sta. Cruz, California, various churches in the Philippines and the Ayala Museum in Makati, Philippines.[citation needed] The official town hero is not a statesman nor a soldier but a woodcarver, the master artisan Mariano Madriñan, whose obra maestra, the lifelike Mater Dolorosa, was honored by the King of Spain with a prestigious award in Amsterdam in 1882. The town was proclaimed "the Carving Capital of the Philippines" on March 15, 2005 by Philippine President Arroyo. It is also believed that the modern yo-yo, which originated in the Philippines, was invented in Paete.

Many descendants of these artisans have found a niche in the culinary world. Ice sculptures and fruit and vegetable carvings done by Paeteños abound on buffet tables of cruise ships and world-class hotels and restaurants. Today the town thrives mainly on the sale and export of woodcarvings and taka (papier maché), tourism, poultry industry, farming and fishing.


ACTION POINT:  We are currently contacting pastors in some of the affected areas whose churches do not get any kind of help or donations from any organizations yet. We are allotting some of our funds for FMI AID (Aid In Disaster) Mission. We will be accepting donations for this purpose, so if you want to be able to help you are welcome to join us. Our goal is to give out bags of groceries to as many flood victims as we possibly can.

FMI Aid Relief Operations Batch 1: Navotas, Metro Manila.

COMING SOON for BATCH 2: Paete, Laguna.  "Together we can make a difference in the lives of many Filipino people affected by the flooding. Let's do more! Donate to this cause by visiting our website at"


The massive clean-up after the deluge begins. After almost two weeks of torrential rains brought by a storm-enhanced southwest monsoon left 60% of Metro Manila under water, sunshine finally appeared on Thursday.

The freak weather, which dumped an average of 300 mm of rain for 11 consecutive days, is matched only by the intensity of tropical storm "Ondoy" (international name: Ketsana) which wrought havoc on large parts of Metro Manila almost three years ago.

But the similarity does not end there, nor is it lost on residents victimized by the floods twice over.

The slower but more prolonged heavy downpour allowed affected residents to better react this time, resulting in fewer deaths of 49 (as of August 9) compared to 300 in Metro Manila during Ondoy.

But the impact is the same for those affected by the deluge as they now face the enormous task of rebuilding from the little they have left.

President Aquino toured affected areas on Thursday and saw first hand the devastation by another great flood. The government, too, is in a fix as public infrastructure damaged by the flood has to be rebuilt, further stretching its budget.

In nearby provinces of central Luzon, however, floods remain and the difficult task of rebuilding has to be put on hold.


We are currently contacting pastors in some of the affected areas whose churches do not get any kind of help or donations from any organizations yet. We are allotting some of our funds for FMI AID (Aid In Disaster) Mission. We will be accepting donations for this purpose, so if you want to be able to help you are welcome to join us. Our goal is to give out bags of groceries to as many flood victims as we possibly can.

Rinalyn Tolosa: A blessed day everyone! Happy hearts day! I'm back! I arrived last nightat 10:00 pm. I'm thankful for all of your prayers. God made me secure and safe in my travel despite of the rainy season. So many things happened during my Mission Exposure in our FMI ministry in Mindoro. I was taught, rebuked, corrected and trained. All thanks & praises belong to God for everything because all things work together for my growth. I learned a lot from my experience. I am truly blessed beyond measure!

Jesus With the Squatter Children of Asia

The FMI K-WAV Kids mostly come from the areas around the Tagaytay Chruch where the squatters live. They are beautiful and smart and the Lord has a wonderful plan for their lives.